Pulsar Digisight LRF N850: NTOA Tested and Recommended

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2017/01/23) – Pulsar is proud to announce that after rigorous testing, the Pulsar Digisight LRF N850 Digital Night Vision Riflescope (PL76331) is now recommended by members of the NTOA (National Tactical Officers Association). The Digisight underwent full evaluation and field testing by NTOA members and was graded on design, performance, durability, versatility, accuracy, and other characteristics.

NTOA-approved and recommended Pulsar night vision riflescope
NTOA tested, approved and recommended!

The Pulsar Digisight LRF N850 Riflescope exposes long-distance nighttime activity for improved hunting, shooting, surveillance and even security. Boasting a high-quality 640×480 OLED display, one shot zeroing, automatic shutoff, wide selection of reticles, rangefinding reticle, built-in IR illuminator and many other features, the Digisight LRF N850 is ideal for countless professional law enforcement situations. In intense low-light situations, this Digisight excels by offering a clear sight on the target.

While reviewing the Digisight, one NTOA tester noted, “Some of the features that impressed me include a choice of 13 different pre-loaded reticle styles, a range finder, an inclinometer, the ability to plug in a digital recorder and record what you are seeing through the scope, a tilt/cant warning, the built in IR spotlight, 3 memories for 3 different guns and some of the tricks they put in to get a quick zero.”



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