Pulsar Releases Professional-Grade Thermal Monoculars

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS 2015/07/13) – Pulsar is proud to release its newest editions to the Quantum series of thermal imaging monoculars, giving firefighters, law enforcement, and security professionals the ultimate edge. The new Pulsar Quantum XD38S and XD50S feature an advanced OLED display (640×480 pixels) and a high-resolution microbolometer sensor (384×288 pixels) with seven different color palette modes for optimal viewing in a variety of scenarios.

Director of Product Development Jonathan Horton said, “The addition of the color palette modes expands the applications of the Quantum XD38S and XD50S Thermal Imaging Monoculars. Red Hot mode is ideal for search, rescue, and surveillance operations as only high-heat signatures, such as the human body, are displayed in red which makes detection quicker and easier. The polychrome or rainbow color mode is beneficial for firefighters to quickly locate smoldering hot spots within walls of a burning building.”

Equipped with durable, glass-nylon composite and a weight of just over one pound, the XD38S and XD50S models are extremely lightweight and weather resistant, able to withstand harsh environments and varying conditions. Users have the ability to switch between White Hot and Black Hot making targets distinctly visible over 1,000 yards away.

The longer-distance viewing of the XD38S offers 2x and 4x digital zoom functions, which increases the 2.1x magnification to 8.4x. The XD50S also offers 2x and 4x digital zoom functions, ranging from 2.8x magnification to 11.2x. The digital zoom function not only provides the advantage of viewing long distance targets, but also closer targets in greater detail. Featuring a 50-hertz frame rate (higher than most on the market) for a crisp, consistent image of fast-moving objects, the XD38S and XD50S are engineered to track targets quickly and easily. Ideal uses for the new Quantum thermals include fugitive searches, surveillance activities, accident investigation, locating evidence, search and rescue, and marine patrol.



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