Pulsar Streamlines the Buying Process for Law Enforcement

A pivotal turning point for the continued success of Sellmark Corporation—Pulsar, Sightmark, Firefield and 12 Survivors—happened in February 2018. We won approval to sell our products to United States government agencies. Sellmark was awarded a five-year Schedule 84 GSA (General Services Administration) contract under three SINs (Special Item Numbers) 426-1A, 426-4C, & 426-4S, solidifying Sellmark’s dedication to designing and producing quality products that help serve those who protect and serve our country. While Sellmark has always offered incentive programs to government and law enforcement, this exclusive opportunity significantly increases trust, credibility and validation of its high-quality tactical products, as well as decreasing risks for the buyer and simplifies the entire buying process.

To be awarded a GSA government contract, we went through a lengthy approval process during which the GSA analyzes a company’s track record and financial stability, ensuring the products they sell are useful to government agencies.

What is the GSA?

The General Services Administration is the centralized branch of purchasing for the federal government of the United States. A GSA contract holder for Schedule 84 provides security products that help keep Americans safe to the military, law enforcement, firefighters, first responders, search and rescue, and disaster and emergency recovery teams.

According to the General Services Administration, the “GSA’s original mission was to dispose of war surplus goods, manage and store government records, handle emergency preparedness, and stockpile strategic supplies for wartime. GSA also regulated the sale of various office supplies to federal agencies and managed some unusual operations, like hemp plantations in South America.”

History of the GSA

In 1947, President Harry S. Truman appointed an advisory board of bipartisan legislators to discuss ways in which the U.S. government could work more effectively and efficiently. In 1949, this group, nicknamed the Hoover Commission, reported their suggestions to President Harry S. Truman and Congress. These suggestions included an “extensive reorganization of the Executive Branch of the federal government.” Seventy percent of the Hoover Commission’s recommendations turned into action and many departments of the government were either eliminated or consolidated. On July 1, 1949, the General Services Administration was created under the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act which improved the administrative services of the United States government by making things more effective and cost-efficient.

Today, the GSA provides total procurement solutions for federal, state and local government agencies and entities. It makes buying more streamlined and easier for the purchaser. Both purchasers and the preferred vendors like Sightmark and Pulsar benefit from being listed on the GSA Advantage online shopping channel:

  1. Pre-negotiated discounted price.
  2. Less paperwork.
  3. Quicker fulfillment. Getting a government contract can take up to 268 days, departments that order from preferred vendor list can get exactly what they need in as fast as 14 days.
  4. Companies get a competitive edge.

Entrepreneur magazine says, “The U.S. Government is the biggest consumer of products and services in the world.” The annual spending in GSA contracts is about $500 billion. Being awarded a GSA Schedule allows companies like Sellmark to remain competitive, as the GSA is dedicated to providing and increasing opportunities to women-owned, veteran-owned and small businesses.

Dianna Sellers, Sellmark’s CEO says, “This is a monument to Sellmark’s commitment to first responders and will help to multiply our efforts as we aggressively expand the personnel and devices available exclusively to law enforcement, fire departments and other government agencies. We could not be prouder to expand offerings to our valuable police, fire and security personnel and departments.”

Sellmark has made their Law Enforcement team available for government entities at 817-225-6650.


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