Thermal imaging helps keep officers safe, as well as find and apprehend bad guys who try to run and hide

Pulsar Helion Helps Apprehend Hiding Suspects

When criminals are on the run and hiding at night, it can be nearly impossible to pinpoint their location without the correct tools. When you need to see in the dark, nothing beats thermal imaging technology.

Police officers appending a suspect view through a thermal imaging scope
Catching suspects on the run is easier when using thermal imaging.

Using a high-resolution 640×480 sensor, Pulsar’s Helion XP50 monocular detects heat signatures and translates them into images we can see clearly. One of thermal imaging’s greatest benefits to users is that no ambient light is needed for it to work. Heat signatures are detected in bright, stark contrast to the background any time, in any environment—even when the weather is bad. This provides law enforcement, military, search and rescue teams, and hunters 100-percent assurance of positive identification of people and animals. The Helion’s high 50Hz refresh rate provides fluid images when targets are on the move. You see sharp, detailed images in real time. In the case of chasing suspects, this helps law enforcement accurately find them, no matter how fast they are running or where they hide.  The McLennan County Sheriff’s Office in Waco, Texas has first-hand experience in successfully using thermal technology to apprehend two suspects involved in a fatality vehicle accident.

Patrol Lieutenant Joseph Ballew relays the incident:

In late January 2018, the McLennan County law enforcement helicopter was called out to look for two suspects that had fled the scene of a fatality vehicle crash. The suspects were believed to have fled to a tree line where officers on the ground couldn’t locate them.

Police helicopter mid flight
Patrol Lieutenant Joseph Ballew was able to spot suspects from 800 feet up, about a half mile away.

I was in the helicopter using the Pulsar Helion XP thermal monocular to scan for the suspects. After only a few minutes of flying the area, I spotted the suspects along a creek inside the tree line. I was able to see the suspects clearly from 800 feet up in the air, about a half a mile away. The suspects were trying to hide in some thick briars under some trees, but the vantage point I had from the helicopter with the Helion allowed us to see them.

I was able to direct officers to the exact location where the suspects were hiding. We were able to take them into custody. Using the Helion’s built-in video recording feature, I was able to record the entire incident, which is now being used as evidence to help build our case against the suspects that ran and hid from police officers.

On a personal note, I use my own Pulsar products for hunting hogs. I’ve taken down 488 hogs since April 2017 using a variety of Pulsar thermal imaging scopes. I have hunted with and used most all the other name-brand scopes but continue to use and be impressed with the quality of all of Pulsar’s products. The clarity of Pulsar’s thermal imagers and riflescopes are unmatched by other units in the same price range. I have always had good experiences when dealing with customer service and my law enforcement sales representative. I would recommend the product to anyone or any agency looking to pick up a quality and reliable thermal optic.

Pulsar Helion thermal imaging monocular
The Pulsar Helion thermal imaging monocular is used in law enforcement, search and rescue and hunting.

The Pulsar Helion XP50 has been tested and recommended by the National Tactical Officer’s Association. The Helion scored perfectly in eight categories including design, performance and ease of use. A police officer from Michigan stated, “The Helion is amazing at applications such as tracking or rescue and fugitive location operations. I highly recommend this product.”

The Helion also features variable magnification, a stadiametric rangefinder, eight-hour B-Pack battery, wireless remote-control operation, IPX7 waterproof rating, eight color palettes, and a user-friendly icon-driven status bar and menu display.

If your unit would like to experience the Helion, please contact Pulsar’s Law Enforcement team at 817-225-6650.

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